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Welcome to Vipmumsndads and here is the team, moi, Netty!

I welcome everyone and not just parents, but families, businesses, charities, events and more, this website was put together to connect families and businesses within a growing network.

I’m a parent wanting to use my parenting and business skills to create a community of amazing Mums, Dads, Business Owners and Support Professionals, where we can all connect within one single place helping you to grow and to be seen and believe our website is a great free platform to be promoted on!

Why is it great! because when you join us, you have a free profile, which is listed within our search engine for our members and visitors to find, as well as a great free blogging platform and an activity feed for everyone to share their news, or add your competitions and adverts via your profile.

So come on and join me here from Netty x


Business Owner | Vipmumsndads & Ready To Go Art

Being a mum to 4 children ranging from 10-22, I want to inform, advise and share anything family related with all you Vipmumsndads!

My journey as a Mum lead to me starting my own business Ready To Go Art.  I started it to help everyone who cares for children between 2-6 to have fun and quality times together.

So I produced over a few years, 3 downloadable eBooks helping you entertain and educate your children with activities ready to go and educational facts to teach. Print what you want, when you want , how many you need and on your choice of paper/card, use child after child year after year what a bargain, ideal for pre-schools and childminders as covers areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

All our members can download my eBook 1 for free!

Vipmumsndads means the world to me, and I (Netty) am your main point of contact for anything you need!

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