Dying flashed before my eyes!

As I placed the broken glass jug into a carrier bag to dispose in my wheelie bin, my wrist caught the edge of the bag and before I knew it, there was blood pouring out my wrist.


Instant thought!

Have I cut a main vein?

I instantly put my finger on the cut.

My husband looked at me, in shock.

I said out loud “OK, so I need to put my arm up” seeing his face, I knew I needed to reassure him, so by speaking out loud he knew what I was doing.

Luckily I was next to the sink, my daughter came rushing over and my husband told her to go back as all is alright, he didn’t want her to see all the blood, as it was everywhere, floor, wall and covering my arm, I ran my arm under the tap, which removed all the blood, making the scene now not look so bad.

My husband says have you cut a main vein in a panicked state?

I started to feel dizzy and lent on the counter, I’m thinking to myself, “this is where I must move my finger and see if it’s a main vein”!

What if it is! I looked at my husband again and thought this is going to be hard as he’s so stressed before we even know.

There’s no chance I would survive with him in the state he’s in now, he needs to be strong and drive me to hospital.

I’m thinking I have my arm up and keeping pressure on it! There’s no blood pouring down my arm surely, I would see blood if it’s a main vein, I remove my finger and its bleeding, but not squirting out, the cut was literally above a vein!

I am alive phew!

And all that happened within a minute.

Later I had time to reflect, as my husband out of the blue, said how would I survive if he died?


Blooming heck, I just seen him totally stressed with my cut, what planet is he on, I just do not understand how he can say this, I am a mum was born to survive.

This made me think, back to the moment of am I going to die? And realize I need to prepare my husband for if the worst did ever happen, as I want my youngest daughter to not have a totally stressed out dad, panicking about the bills etc, but to care for her first, our other children are older, but she’s only 10.

So, I’m using the experience of cutting myself today, along with my husband’s comment to list all our bills and important documents and will know if the worst happened to me, some things will be taken care of.


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