Ready to go art is here to entertain your little one’s with eBook 1

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Downloadable activities with facts to teach.


eBook one was first produced on a dvd-rom, then by popular demand, It was converted and updated into a downloadable version.

I produced this product for anyone with children between 2-6 years, helping you have quality times with your children, with facts and activities ready for YOU when you want them.

eBook 1 covers: Spiders, Ladybirds, Butterflies, Plants, Dinosaurs, Space, Christmas and Easter activities, literacy, numeracy and so much more!

Keeping your ink usage low, all activities have no borders/frills or logo’s splashed everywhere, at the end of the day you need to print the activities, to enable the children to cut them out, so the edges, borders etc will be thrown away.

This eBook has over 150 pages covering various topics with facts to teach, it can be used throughout the year, child after child, year after year, for more information pop on over to my website.

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